Make your Employees Return to Work... Really Work.

With a truly bespoke programme Me Inside Out (MIO) lets your employees experience natural life stages or return from long term absence supported, confident and effective.

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What is MIO?


What is It?

MIO is a programme, which provides employees with the ability to identify what they need to help them to be at their best during their transition back into the workplace. This is executed over an 8 week course via talks, coaching and workshops to increase their "inside" self-awareness, enhance their physical "outside" and create a framework for them to "bounce" back into the workplace.


Who is it for?

Anyone who has experienced an absence from work due to maternity, paternity or adoption leave, long term sickness, returnees following redundancy, people transitioning within their career or natural life stages such as the menopause.


Why choose MIO?

MIO is unique as it brings a wealth of expertise under one roof to truly resonate with employees. This holistic and effective return-to-work experience increases your employee retention, employee performance and provides an opportunity to prove a return on investment individual to your company.

How MIOWorks?

The MIO Team

Julia Hillman, Cat Tierney and the Team have one thing in common; they have first-hand understanding of the disengagement that employees can feel when returning to work after a period of absence.

With a blend of industry experience, across many sectors and working with a number of speakers and presenters within the wellbeing field, the Team understands the importance to both employee and employer to maintain a focus on productivity and high performance during the transition.


Julia Hillman

Director of Second Mile Consulting Julia was formerly head of Authorisation at the Bank of England, PRA, FSA and SFA. Her main passion is to help people to thrive in the workplace as a line manager, as a leader, as a coach and as a wellbeing champion. Julia helped to establish the Bank of England’s well-being network whose initiative is “Think Well, Live Well, Be Well” and is a co-founder of "Thrive in the City.”


Cat Tierney

Cat left the corporate Pharmaceutical industry after fifteen years, latterly in management and set up a PR company specialising in health, beauty and lifestyle three years ago. Having experienced the frustrations of having little to offer her line management reportees when returning after a period of absence, she is passionate about giving people the confidence to retain and motivate staff.

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If you’d like to book your bespoke MIO programme, or would just like to know more about our programmes, please get in touch using our contact options below. We’re currently accepting bookings for courses starting in March 2019.

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